Wheel Alignment

Having precise four-wheel alignment is the principal difference between a car that tracks perfectly straight, and a car that pulls to one side or has an off-center steering wheel. It can also be the difference between a vehicle being gentle on tires, versus one that prematurely wears out tire tread. Additionally, poor wheel alignment will negatively affect fuel economy because of increased tire friction with the road surface.   

Our computerized alignment equipment and top-notch technicians have performed literally hundreds and hundreds of wheel alignments. And unlike a lot of national tire chains that will only change the most blatantly awry adjustments (usually just toe-in/toe-out) Quantum Mechanics always optimizes all of the components that have a provision for adjustability. On most premium cars, this will include rear camber, rear toe, front camber, and front toe. Some cars even have adjustable front caster– in which case, we’ll optimize those values, as well!

And for those of you with track cars or dedicated race cars, we’re happy to perform custom alignments to your precise, high-performance specifications!

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