Tire Balancing

Aside from simply balancing tires to the highest standards, our Hunter RoadForce machine measures the roundness of the wheel and tire by physically loading them with a roller that replicates the force of the vehicle weight on the road. If the assembled wheel and tire pair displays excessive eccentricity when loaded with the RoadForce roller, the machine will flag it as a problem. This may be caused by a bent wheel, irregular tire, or a combination of the two.

As an optional service, we can measure the exact roundness of the wheel (down to literally thousandths of an inch), as well as stiffness characteristics of the tire sidewall, allowing us to optimally match the highest spot of the tire with the lowest spot of the wheel. This ‘match-mounting’ process means your car will have a remarkably smoother ride at highway speeds and more even tire wear.  If you’re interested in reading further about the technical side of RoadForce balancing, check out: www.gsp9700.com

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