Shock/Strut Service

For proper suspension shock or strut replacement, we recommend going with either OEM or highest-quality aftermarket units. Beware of cheap, knock-off suspension parts! Even though off-brand suspension parts may be initially inexpensive (read: cheap), they are virtually guaranteed to not last as long or function as well as OEM and top-end aftermarket parts. Also, if the strut mounts (which are the interface between the vehicle body and the strut) are going to be replaced, we recommend that they be replaced with only OEM units, which have proven to be of higher quality and are more reliable than aftermarket parts. For the sake of minimizing redundant labor costs, there is no better opportunity to replace related items, such as worn out accordion-style protective rubber strut boots and suspension bottom-out bumpers. And anytime we replace any major suspension components, we strongly recommend a wheel proper four-wheel alignment to ensure tire maximum life.

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