Computer Diagnostics/Check Engine Light

Most shops will scan your vehicle’s fault codes for free, but stored fault codes alone are only part of the equation. Quantum Mechanics provides value in the insight of how to actually proceed  with proper diagnosis and repair. In a time when many dealerships and other independent shops simply scan computer systems for fault codes and throw new parts onto the car, we utilize top-level technicians that actually perform precise pinpoint tests to validate or invalidate stored fault codes. For example, sometimes a P0420 isn’t actually a faulty catalytic converter– it may simply be an engine control module that’s in need of recalibration. And sometimes a P0135 isn’t actually a faulty oxygen sensor, it may be as simple as a damaged wire within the engine wiring harness. Our diagnostic services aren’t free, but when you consider that we accurately diagnose faults before moving on to the repair stage, we believe we provide a lot of value for the money! 

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